Photo Editing History


Long before photo editing takes a standard on today’s photo industry it was practiced during the early days. During the 1860’s where photoshop and other photo editing tools doesn’t exist people on that time managed to manipulate and alter photographs. And the famous case of photo altering happen was the case of Abraham Lincoln where noticed that his mole falls in the wrong place. But they also do the manipulation of ghost photos and satire which is used by John Heartfield exposing Hitler and the Nazis in print media and the adding and removing of persons on the image like the photograph of Benito Mussolini where his horse handler was being removed during 1942.
And at the present time we still use photo editing in many types of photography, like for our product photos, wedding photos, glamour and model photography, baby and children photos, holiday photos and landscape photos. Nowadays with the help of photo editing tools we can create more photo editing tricks and techniques such as background removal, color correction, blur correction, image retouching and extreme editing like photo restoration and even unusual scenes like flying together with fairies and more.

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