Why Good Quality Photos are Important?

Photos are one of the great factors why most people appreciate your product. It is the key of most eCommerce in gaining customers. Photos are their bait. The more beautiful your photos are the more chances you can attract customers.


So most of them hire a professional photographer just to achieve those high quality photos. But there are lots of other factors that can affect the result, it is not only who get the shot; some of those factors are the light, the camera they used, the place and more.
Together with the advent of camera as well as the existence of photographers PHOTO EDITING COMPANIES also exist. Photo Editing Companies aims to help solve those problems in regards to photo.
With their passion in editing photos turning it into a high quality photos they can really solve the problem of those photographers as well as those eCommerce. With the unity of not just professional photo editor but a talented photo editor they can really achieve their goal.

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Some of the things most Photo Editing Companies do are Photo Retouching, Color Correction, Re-sizing, Cropping, Image Masking, Background Removal, Product Enhancement and so much more.


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Photo Editing History


Long before photo editing takes a standard on today’s photo industry it was practiced during the early days. During the 1860’s where photoshop and other photo editing tools doesn’t exist people on that time managed to manipulate and alter photographs. And the famous case of photo altering happen was the case of Abraham Lincoln where noticed that his mole falls in the wrong place. But they also do the manipulation of ghost photos and satire which is used by John Heartfield exposing Hitler and the Nazis in print media and the adding and removing of persons on the image like the photograph of Benito Mussolini where his horse handler was being removed during 1942.
And at the present time we still use photo editing in many types of photography, like for our product photos, wedding photos, glamour and model photography, baby and children photos, holiday photos and landscape photos. Nowadays with the help of photo editing tools we can create more photo editing tricks and techniques such as background removal, color correction, blur correction, image retouching and extreme editing like photo restoration and even unusual scenes like flying together with fairies and more.

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Raster to Vector


Bitmap images are pixelated and the result was not good when it comes to prints, embroider and more resulting to poor quality image prints. Personalize prints that are used in the tarpaulin, cloth, shirt prints, logos, mugs, papers, commercial products and more.  Not just website photos needs good quality attention but also printable images because there are still consumers that are need to be market outside the internet.

A good quality photos for my E-commerce website

E-commerce knows about the importance and the impact of product photos to their marketing sales. Product photos may make or break your business because no matter how good your product is, if your product photos were not that good in terms of quality still no one is going pay attention on what you are selling online. A good product photos must consider this things.

1. Details – Consumers always pay attention on the details and quality of the items they are buying even online consumers. It is best if the details of the product are visible to consumers for they have an idea on how the product looks actually looks like.


2. Color and Texture – Your product photos are the only thing that gives your consumers an idea about on what you are selling. It is important that your product photos are closer to the actual product that you are selling in terms of its color and textures.


3. Background – The background helps in highlighting your products, in choosing a background it must complement to the subject of the photos. It is best if you use the neutral colors like for examples if your product was dark in color it is better to have a white background and for light colored subjects it is better to have a dark background.

Remember having a good quality of product photos for your websites catches the attentions of the consumers and established a good impression to your product, websites and company.

by: pixelretouche